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Giveaway: Which Setup Room will you vote for?

Sep. 19, 2019

We launched a voting campaign on Facebook.

Women's💃 Setup Room VS Men's🤵 Setup Room

Which room will you vote for?


We will select three users from the winning side to give away the products on the picture.


Take a look at the prizes

AutoFull AF055PPUW Gaming Chair
AutoFull AF063GPU Gaming Chair
Motospeed CK888 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo
Motospeed CK700 Keyboard Mouse Combo
Lifesmart Quantum Light 3 Set
Enter Now ⬇🔥🔥🔥


How To Win

1. Follow BZfuture & AutoFull Gaming Chair

2. Vote & Comment & Share on Facebook


The most thumb up comment can choose three prizes.💥💥💥
The second most thumb up comment can choose two prizes.💥💥
The third most thump up comment can choose one prize.💥





Get all the software products you need from the Bzfuture online retail store for less. Our products purchased from regular sources and some products we got authorized lience. Furthermore, bzfuture will keep updating our stock with everything you need. Don't forget to keep an eye on our newletter for more information.

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  • #1 Aniello 2019-09-19

    so which one should I choose😭😭😭, BOTH of them are my favorite🥳

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