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A New Update of AOMEI Backupper Pro

Aug. 24, 2020

There is a new update of AOMEI Backupper Pro to version 5.9. since August 3, 2020. We have also updated our free Pro package for you.


Fixed an issue that caused the computer to shut down more slowly. This was due to AOMEI's Backupper service.


Added "Mirror Sync": Always keep target files exactly as source directory. All additional files on the destination will be deleted.


"Real Time Synchronization" has been optimized: separate "Real Time Synchronization" from "Schedule" as one of the synchronization modes for easy access. In real-time sync mode, all deletions from the source directory are synced to the default destination.


An option has been added to"Basic Synchronization": here you can choose whether deletions in the source directory should be synchronized with the destination. In other words, when files are removed from the source directory, the same files are also removed from the destination directory.


AOMEI already offers the free standard version, which we have already introduced you here in a short test. AOMEI is now expanding its commitment to the mission "Keeping Global Data Always Safer".


It does not matter which program is used to back up or back up the data. The main thing is to do it. Because restoring from a backup is much easier and faster than a fresh installation, including settings and program installations.


Even the free standard version offers many options for backing up your system or cloning your hard drive. The Pro version goes even further.


System backup and restore is faster
It is possible to make a clone of the system.
The backup can be copied to different computers. Either with the same or different material
Images can be combined or divided into smaller sizes
PXE boot tool for network
Ability to perform scheduled backups
Partitions can be adapted to the target hard drive during cloning
Real-time synchronization of files and folders.
Dynamic disks can be backed up
Files with NTFS permissions can be restored
Backing up to CD / DVD is really old school.


As already described for Backupper Standard, it is important to create a bootable media first. Otherwise no backup will help if the computer fails.


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