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Bitcoin Cash Adoption Grows Around the World

Jul. 15, 2019

Companies around the world continue to use cash in Bitcoins as a payment method, and a stock market supports transactions with BCH.

Roger Ver, CEO of Bitcoin.com, talks about the work done in the new BCH dealers around the world, from Venezuela to Japan. He also talks about the technological developments in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem and the celebrations scheduled for the anniversary of August 1.

Currently, more than 1,250 dealers accept BCH in Marco Coino and around 2,000 ATMs around the world.

Liquid-based currency trading platform based in Singapore, Liquid, has announced the addition of a new commercial pair BCH / USDC that allows users to accept cash in Bitcoin or exchange them for Stablecoin. Exchange users will soon be able to connect their accounts to the Bitcoin cash register application and receive the USDC directly. This is a simple point-of-sale application from Bitcoin.com that allows any company to accept payments through BCH.

With the Bitcoin cash register, merchants can choose from more than 150 fiduciary currencies and pay customers who do not want to pay at BCH without registering. The application is available for iOS and Android devices and has exceeded 10,000 installations in the Google Play Store.

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